• The NC program formulated by CAD/CAM is, via network, transmitted to CNC machine tools through RS-232C or RS422 interface, which is called client/server DNC system. Because FTP communication is also applicable, the program can be transmitted to data server (FTP server) of LAN specifications.


  • One computer can be used, via RS-232C interface (PCI applicable), to simultaneously transmit NC program to 10 CNC machine tools at most.
    Besides the protocol B as transfer protocol, protocol A with FANUC/TOSNUC/OKUMA specifications can be used as well.

  • function specifications Various functions can help improve efficiency on production field!
    transfer function Download operation, schedule operation, continuous manufacture operation, integrated continuous manufacture operation and upload sub program (M98, CALL, G72, repeat, multiple 10)
    NC data conversion Unit conversion, decimal point conversion, scaling, mirror (X/Y/XY), coordinate rotation (90 degrees /180 degrees /270 degrees) text line conversion, multiple text line conversion, delete code, delete line
    File management file edit, delete, copy, rename, folder formulation, other applications linked
    edit function file edit, manufacture schedule edit
    input manufacture condition Work No., pallet No., tool No., rotating speed, conveying speed, length correction (address) diameter correction (address), tool correction data (G10), user-defined selections (10)
    display transfer history (100)
    Transfer speed 150, 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400 (RS232C/RS422converter is needed)
    applicable data server Applicable for the data server with FTP server made by FANUC company.

System composition image

  • * It can hardly be affected externally, and optical fiber solution is available.

Benefits of the new system

    • high-speed transfer of high capacity of NC programs
    • schedule operation can be automatically executed for a long period of time
    • If RS-232C interface is not available, old NC machine tools can be used
    • Centralized management of NC programs can be realized on DNC file server
    • Online transmission of data from CAD/CAM to CNC machine tools can be realized
    • Data output from CAM to NC program can be standardized (traffic postprocessing)