MacVision(machine monitoring system)

  • The operation data is automatically collected from CNC machine tools (Platlight signal shows alarming, finished, automatic operation,
    etc.), and it is the software used for monitoring, notice, collection of operation results and management.

  • The operational efficiency is improved and cost is reduced.
    The system aims to improve productivity.

Feature (benefits of the new system)

  • ◆basic functions
    • real-time monitoring (customizable)
    • CSV output of result data
    • mail transmission
      5 notice destination mail addresses can be set at most; or set it as not to notice (week, time period)
  • ◆feature
  • The machine tools can collect result data of "operation time", "production quantity", "conversion time", "alarm detection" in real time, so it is
    no need for manual input and management and manual cost is saved.
  • ◆benefits of the new system
    • Check
    • The system can automatically collect result dataand evaluate the difference between target and result; it can analyze the reason of the
      difference and condition, summarize problem points and grasp them, in order to improve productivity.
    • Action
    • By the help of result data, the difference between result and target can be improved; therefore, the system can improve operating speed, change operating method, shorten conversion time, and restrain time without value-added, in order to improve productivity and reduce

System composition image

Optional functions

    • connection of DNC system (R-DNC/NCDaqMan made by our company)
    • connection of terminals not used for operations (i-Pad, Android (smart phone and tablet, etc.)
    • connection of Web camera