Simple Schedule Editor

It is flexible and can be operated in short period of time

    • Most of operations can be completed by Windows operation
    • During formulation of a plan, you can issue the schedule plan even if you’re not clear about man-hour.
    • For the schedule of each machine, you can decide it on the field of manufacture.
    • Upon emergency, you can formulate the emergency procedure plan.

This system strongly supports the factory "visualization"

    • On the main screen, you can see most necessary information, such as manufacture plan and progress of eachmachine, operations and each type of parts.
    • You can see load of each department / each procedure.
    • You can see plan vs. result.
    • You can see estimated cost / result cost.
    • You can see machine’s productivity and operator’s result.

The progress data can be input via WEB browser

    • The progress data of the“i-POP”system is newly developed and can be input via the WEB browser.
    • The dedicated software is not necessary for the POP system due to the use of WEB browser. Therefore, initial investment for equipment is reduced or investment for new equipment can be increased.
    • Due to the use of WEB browser, you can use various terminals, such as PC, tablet and smart phone, etc.

Build integrated production management system

    • Fundamental business system of overall company, factory business system or the connection can be created.
    • Fundamental business system can be created in the unit of modules.
    • This system can be connected with the existing production management system.
    • This system can be connected with DNC system and machine operation management system.