Result input system of Web version(i-POP)

What is i-POP

  • It is Simple Schedule Editor and Web-based result input system. It is directly connected with data base via the Web browser, to realize result collection in real time.


  • This system can be introduced at lower cost in comparison with the previous client-based result input system "POP SYSTEM".
    If you’re afraid that the work of equipment department (material purchase) and design department (drawings) may be affected by cost increase, you can try progress/result "visualization".
    Furthermore, you can obtain factory information in real time via cheap tablet PC.

Benefits of the new system

It’s not necessary to add a computer to input results

    • It’s not necessary to install it in the system which has CAD/CAM.
    • The old computer can be effectively used.
    • Due to input via Web browser, you can use i-Pad and Android (smart phone, tablet PC).