Dustproof case

    • There are two types of dustproof cases: steel plate fans and heat exchangers.
    • The dustproof case also handles products that are different from the standard size specifications.
    • Fans and power strips can be changed to overseas voltage specifications.
    • There are two types of stand with a maximum load weight of 200kg and 150kg.
    • The photo is seen from the front side.
    • The photo shows a steel plate fan attached type.
    • 19-inch LCD monitor can be used.
    • The door can be locked.
    • The photo is seen from the back side.
    • The back door can also be locked.
    • ※ Inside the PC storage.
    • The grooves for cable wiring are at the front and rear. (red circles)
    • There is a vent on the left side and a fan on the right side.

Example of installation

    • This is an example of installing a dustproof case on the stand.
    • The dustproof case type in the photo is a heat exchange installed.
    • ※Inside the PC storage.
    • This is the back side of the heat exchanger installation type.