President's Address

  • We began to commit ourselves to the development and marketing of web-based DNC system since 1986.

    We consistently follow and meet various requirements from our users (mould manufacturers, other manufacturers of individual orders), and continuously adopt the ever-developing internet communications technologies to facilitate development of the information-based system. We provide recommendations of information system to the fields of the mould manufacturers and other manufacturers of individual orders, and dedicate ourselves to the information-based IT construction and productivity improvement. Due to rapid development of information-based IT society, the trend is apt to shorten the life cycle of products and perform manufacture of multiple categories and small quantity of products. Therefore, it is required to reduce the cost and shorten the lead time to accommodate to the excessive competition. In order to cater for the need of this change, it is essential to establish the Manufacturing Execution System (MES). MES can integrate the upper system (ERP, CAD/CAM, etc.) with the control system of NC manufacturing field to facilitate speedup of information transmission and information sharing. For this purpose, we have developed the Simple Schedule Editor system. However, since the tablet terminals and smart phones with Android OS emerged in 2010, the reference system of information-based system has changed dramatically. In order to follow this trend, our company rapidly changes the system base. We can expect that the information-based environment will evolve as if it was nervous system of creatures such as human being. The Cloud-based, web-based and globalized network information systems will be interwoven together and become navigator of knowledge. Our company will continue to promote this system from the perspective of our users, and aim at fulfillment of “visible management” and “visible operation” in overall department and overall factory, thus facilitating improvement of your productivity.

    Reverse DataSystem Co., Ltd.
    President Fujio Kobayashi

Corporate Evolution

  • 2015
  • Aug Move to Tokyo Shinagawa-ku Higashi-Gotanda

  • 2011
  • Feb Release of the web-base result input system i-POP

    May Move to Tokyo Shinagawa-ku Osaki

  • 2010
  • Apr Release of the SSE-cost management system

  • 2007
  • Jan Starting the use of ISL Light for remote support

  • 2006
  • Jul Release of the machine operation management system Mac Vision

  • 2005
  • Feb Release of the fundamental business system

    Jun Release of the Simple Schedule Editor MarkⅢ

    Jul Release of the toolAssist

  • 2004
  • Apr Release of the fundamental business system

    May Release of the Simple Schedule Editor cost management

    Nov Release of the wireless operation management system

  • 2003
  • May Release of the Simple Schedule Editor

    Jun Release of the Simple Schedule Editor (English version)

  • 2002
  • Nov Release of the Windows NT (Chinese version) DNC system

    Dec Release of the alarm notification option of Windows NT DNC system

  • 2000
  • Sep Release of the NCDaqMan

  • 1998
  • Jan Release of the Windows NT (English version) DNC system

  • 1997
  • May Release of the Windows NT DNC system

  • 1996

  • 1994
  • Feb Release of the DOS/V DNC system

    Jun Release of the PC-DOS (English version) DNC system

    OctRelease of the Windows 3.1 DNC system

  • 1993
  • Mar Establishment of Reverse DataSystem Co., Ltd.

  • 1992

  • 1988
  • Jul Release of the NC-LAN system


  • 1987
  • Feb Release of the PC98 DNC system

  • 1986
  • 17th Apr Establishment of Reverse Co., Ltd.

    May Starting development of PC98 DNC system