• You can operate on one computer to use operation panel of CNC machine tools to perform transmission and reception of NC programs (DNC operation, memory input and output) in network-based DNC system.


  • The general LAM cable is adopted in the network-based system, so multiple CNC machine tools can be connected at low cost. In addition, it is not necessary to place a computer on the field.

    * 128 machines can be connected at most.

  • Basic command- download command「/R」to input NC programs to NC.

  • - upload command「/P」to the computer to save NC programs.

System composition image

Benefits of the new system

    • The operation panel of CNC machine tools is used to reduce workload of the operator.
    • The general LAN cable is used to reduce the cost.
    • The operator can monitor the machine operation via computer web.
    • high-speed transfer of high capacity of NC programs